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NEW Product Alert - LabCo 30L Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Date: 13-11-2022

The LabCo 30L magnetic hotplate stirrer is an exceptional larger scale instrument that offers powerful heating and stirring capabilities. With its glass ceramic plate, digital LCD display, and bonus temperature sensor, the LabCo 30L is an excellent choice for a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

One of the most notable features of the LabCo 30L hotplate stirrer is its large plate size of 254mm x 254mm, making it ideal for handling high volumes of liquid samples. The glass ceramic plate is highly resistant to chemical corrosion, which makes it suitable for a wide range of chemical reactions and sample preparations. This feature is especially important for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, where the use of corrosive chemicals is common.

Heating to up to 500c, the digital LCD display allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of temperature and stirring speed settings, ensuring that samples are maintained at the correct temperature and are being thoroughly mixed.

The bonus temperature sensor that comes with the LabCo 30L hotplate stirrer enhances the accuracy of temperature measurements, ensuring that precise temperature control can be maintained, to ensure reliable and reproducible experimental results.

With its large plate size, volume stirring capacity, high temperature capability, durable glass ceramic plate, bonus temperature sensor, the LabCo 30L Hotplate Stirrer is an excellent investment for any laboratory looking to improve their efficiency and productivity at an affordable cost.


Features & Benefits: 

  • Stirs up to 30L and heats up to 500°C 
  • Maximum speed 1,500rpm 
  • Glass ceramic plate 254 x 254 mm 
  • LCD digital display for precise monitoring of both set and actual temperature and speed 
  • HOT warning indicating residual heat 
  • Built-in PID control ensures safe heating and provides overheating protection with an accuracy at ±2 
  • Elevated control panel and side groove design for protection against spills and reduces the risk of internal damage 
  • External PT1000 temperature sensor available for external temperature control with accuracy of ±0.2°C 
  • Automatic recognition of PT1000 once connected 


Technical Data:

 Plate Dimension 

254 x 254 mm 

Motor Type 

DC Brushless Motor 

Motor Rating Input 


Motor Rating Output 






Maximum Stirring Volume (H2O) 


Maximum Magnetic Stirrer Bar 


Speed Range 

100 to 1,500 rpm 

Speed & Temperature Display 

Digital, LCD 

Heating Output 


Heating Temperature 

Ambient to 500°C 

Safety Temperature 


Temperature Display Accuracy 


External Temperature Sensor 

Yes, PT1000 

Control Accuracy with PT1000 


Residual Heat Warning 

Yes, ≥ 50°C 

Permissible Temperature & Humidity 

5 – 40 °C, 80% 

Protection Class 


Timing function range 

1 min. – 99hrs 59mins. 


328 x 424 x 138 mm 




Ordering Information:

Product Code Description Pack Size
400.100.130 Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate 30L Each
400.100.218 PT1000 Sensor Each

Support Clamp for PT1000 Sensor

(Includes: Rod, Bosshead and Sensor Holder)