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NEW Product Alert - LabCo Micro Centrifuge

Date: 01-05-2022

The Low Speed Micro Centrifuge has a built-in fixed angled rotor. The 6-place rotor, supplied with adapters can accommodate tubes from 1.5mL up to 15mL.


Designed to be user friendly, the new centrifuge features an easy to read LCD display, sound alerts and automatic lid lock/release. The speed can be displayed in RPM or RCF, with a speed range of 300 to 5,000rpm and a maximum RCF of 2,350g.


The parameters can be modified and saved using the two programable memory which saves time by only having to press on key to start. Procedures can be timed from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or set to continuous run and the timer will only start once the target speed is met.


The maintenance free DC Brushless motor drives quickly and effortlessly, accelerating the rotor to the set speed. Ideal for blood and urine separation in routine medical practice.


 Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for routine medical practice in hospitals, clinics and research institutes
  • Built-in fixed angle rotor
  • Speed switch (rpm/rcf)
  • LCD display and sound alert
  • Automatic lid-lock
  • Overspeed detection
  • Automatic internal diagnosis
  • Maintenance free DC brushless motor


Technical Data:

Speed Range  300 to 5,000rpm
 Speed Increment / Accuracy 10rpm / +/-20rpm
Maximum RCF 2,350 x G
Rotor Capacity 6 x 15mL / 10mL / 7mL / 1.5mL - 5mL
Run Time 30 sec - 99min, Continuous
Programs Memory 2
Acceleration / Deceleration Speed 1 up / 2 down
Driving Motor Brushless DC
Power 240V/60Hz
Dimensions 300 x 240 x 180mm
Weight 5.2kg


Ordering Information: 

 Product Code Description Pack Size
 400.003.020 Micro Centrifuge Each
400.003.025 Adapter for 5mL Tubes PK24
400.003.026 Adapter for 1.5/2mL Tubes PK24