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Date: 10-04-2024

The DURAN® YOUTILITY® bottle is a new
generation of glass laboratory bottles for use in a wide and diverse range of scientific research applications.

The innovation does not stop at the improved ergonomic bottle shape, but extends to dedicated accessories that incorporate many new innovative features to improve handling, sample identification, and ease of use.

The new YOUTILITY® bottle helps to make laboratory work easier, safer, more economical and fun.




Question Answer
Are the DURAN® original GL45 bottles still available? Yes, the manufacturer has no intention to discontinue the original bottle as many customers have already validated the DURAN® bottle in their processes.
Are the YOUTILITY® bottles made from the same glass as the DURAN® original GL45 bottles? Yes - the glass is made from DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass and have identical characteristics in terms of chemical and thermal resistance.
Do the YOUTILITY® bottles have the same volume of head space as the DURAN® original bottles? Additional headspace (above the nominal volume) is important in case of foaming and for effective mixing. The YOUTILITY® bottles have slightly larger headspace that the DURAN® original bottles.
Will the taller 1000mL YOUTILITY® bottle fit in my autoclave? To accommodate the ergonomic grip zones, the YOUTILITY® bottle is slightly taller than standard DURAN® original bottles. Unfortunately, some of the smaller table top autoclaves are too small to accept 1000ml YOUTILITY bottle. However we have found that with the majority of larger autoclaves, it is possible to fit in more YOUTILITY bottles that the original GL 45 bottles.
Do the YOUTILITY® Bottles have flat bottoms; and are they suitable to use on a magnetic stirrer? Yes, the YOUTILITY® bottles are suitable for use with magnetic stirrers. The bottom profiles of the YOUTILITY® bottles are comparable to the DURAN® original bottles. But the inner surface is not totally flat due to the blow moulding process.
Do the YOUTILITY® bottles have the same glass thickness as the DURAN® original bottles? Yes, they have the same thickness however the YOUTILITY® bottles have slighly thicker walls.

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