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What is Prote™ Overflow Protection?

Date: 08-01-2024

The Prote™ Overflow Protection system developed by Rocker, is a patented solution to prevent liquids from being drawn into vacuum pumps.


Understanding how Prote™ Overflow Protection works

1) Moisture trap is empty 2) Moisture trap begins to fill, which triggers Prote™ Overflow Protection to prevent the liquids from entering the pump.


Designed to address a common issue in laboratory settings: the risk of liquids being inadvertently drawn into vacuum pumps during the filtration process. This can result in pump damage, contamination, and hazardous situations. The Prote™ system filters particles and moisture from entering the pump, and provides a reliable barrier that safeguards your vacuum pump from liquid ingress.

Key Benefits of Prote™ Overflow Protection

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Improve life span of vacuum pump
  • Easy maintenance


Vacuum Pumps in our range with Prote™ Overflow Protection:

Rocker 300

Rocker 400

Rocker 410

Rocker 430