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Maximise Your Sample Recovery with Low Retention Pipette Tips

Date: 18-10-2023


Low retention tips (also known as low binding tips) are specifically designed to minimise sample retention, improve accuracy, and reduce cross contamination.

LabCo® low retention tips are manufactured from specially developed resins combined with a high quality, diamond finish mould to create a super hydrophobic internal surface.

The low retention inner surface of these tips reduces the surface tension, resulting in improved release and reduced sample retention. Compared to ordinary pipette tips, these pipette tips can reduce sample retention by three to five times.

Low retention tips are recommended for applications where minimising sample loss, improved accuracy and reproducibility are critical. Such applications can include working with very small volumes or valuable samples, where precise and reliable liquid transfer is crucial.

LabCo® Low Retention Tips are free from DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, Human DNA and PCR inhibitors.

If sample retention and accuracy is of utmost importance, consider LabCo® low retention pipette tips.



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