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NEW Product Alert - LabCo Launches Centrifuge Tubes

Date: 01-02-2013

LabCo Scientific, a leading supplier of laboratory and scientific supplies, has launched a new range of centrifuge tubes that are manufactured from ultra-clear polypropylene.

These tubes are certified non-pyrogenic and DNase/RNase-free, making them a safe and reliable option for laboratory use. The tubes are provided gamma sterilised in two different packaging options, catering to the diverse needs of scientists and researchers.

The crisp black graduations and a large white area make the LabCo tubes both easy to read and label, ensuring accuracy and precision in scientific analysis.

The 15mL tube is supplied as a conical bottom tube, available as a loose pack of 500 or cardboard racked, while the 50mL tube is supplied as both a conical bottom tube and a free-standing version.

The new range of centrifuge tubes is a testament to LabCo Scientific's commitment to providing high-quality laboratory supplies that meet the needs of its customers.