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NEW Product Launch - LabCo Serological Pipettes

Date: 01-04-2011

LabCo Scientific, a leading supplier of laboratory and scientific supplies, has announced the launch of its new product range: Serological Pipettes.

Manufactured from optically clear polystyrene in an ISO9001 certified factory, the LabCo range of serological pipettes is designed to exceed customers' expectations.

These pipettes are sterilised by gamma irradiation and certified non-pyrogenic, providing peace of mind to users concerned about safety and accuracy.

The unique colour coding for each pipette capacity and crisp black graduations make it easy to select and read the pipette, speeding up the daily routine.

Available from 1mL to 50mL, the LabCo range offers a comprehensive selection of serological pipettes to meet the diverse needs of the laboratory.

The product is available in two packaging options: individually wrapped or wrapped in bags of 25, providing flexibility and convenience to users.